Auditory Interface Improvement of In-Vehicle Speech Interaction System

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hui-Ning HuSheue-Ling Hwang

Abstract: According to a previous study, current Talking Car system has some defects on control button and guiding sentence for beginners. Therefore, the purpose of this study aimed to improve and analyze the usability of the Talking Car system. For the first part, control button data from five brands which are the most popular cars in the market were gathered and analyzed. Then, cooperated with expert advices the control button was redesigned. In the guiding sentence part, an experiment was conducted to realize the misunderstood and annoying degree of current guiding sentences, and to modify the guiding sentences. After all improvement, another driving simulation experiment was conducted. Based on the objective statistic data, the result indicated that task finished time has been decreased significantly. The shorter task finished time proved the system is more convenient and easier to use. With regard to evaluation of safety, react on times of emergency brake were decreased. Times of unsafe driving behavior like exceeding the speed and lane departure were decreased. In consequence, the system is more suitable using in driving. And in the subjective part, subjects are more satisfied with guiding sentence of beginner and control button. After improvement, Talking Car is easier to use and more fit to the beginners.

Keywords: auditory interface, guiding sentence, ergonomics design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100455

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