Human Centered Assistance Applications for Production

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Authors: Jonas SchmidtlerChristin HölzelVerena KnottKlaus Bengler

Abstract: The term human centered assistance applications for production is formed by three researchers within the connected human modelling group at the Institute of Ergonomics of Technische Univeristät München (TUM). The common research objective is to facilitate work while increasing the efficiency of the process in production environments and logistics. The three approaches Lifting Aid, Cobot and Assembly Glove treat the topic in different perspectives and crafts. While Lifting Aid addresses logistics, Cobot deals with material handling in automotive assembly and Assembly Glove sets its focus on the assembly process in the narrow sense. This paper will give an impression about the Institute of Ergonomics` fields of research in the production context and how ergonomic design of future production systems should be implemented.

Keywords: Human Centered Assistance Applications, Lifting Aid, Intelligent Assist Device, Cobot, Human-Robot-Collaboration, Assembly Glove

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100459

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