Human-oriented Design of a Cognitive Control Unit for Self-Optimizing Robotic Assembly Cells

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Novie SusantoMarcel MayerRaymond DjaloeisJennifer BützlerChristopher Schlick

Abstract: This paper presents the human-oriented design of cognitive control unit (CCU) for a self-optimizing robotic assembly cell. The CCU is designed to simulate human cognition, and on the base of prior knowledge, to adapt to the changing conditions in the product structure and material supply. To improve the conformity of the human operator expectations with the technical systems, two experiments focusing on different models of robot behaviour based on the different number of human-oriented production rules in the knowledge base are carried out. The results show that the most-human oriented model leads to the highest performance of the human operator in terms of prediction time, task load and predictive accuracy.

Keywords: robotic assembly cell, cognitive control unit, cognitive engineering

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100462

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