Designing and Producing Services in Knowledge Enterprises

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jussi KantolaHannu VanharantaWaldemar Karwowski

Abstract: This paper describes the challenges of designing and producing services in knowledge enterprises, and presents approaches and methods that can be used for these purposes. There are cognitive as well as conceptual challenges in designing and producing services due to increasing complexity and dynamics in the work and business environment. Services should be able to meet these challenges. Therefore it is not possible to operate only in technical domains using technological modules when designing and producing services. Knowledge enterprises are really based on knowledge in human minds and therefore cognitive and conceptual domains and modules must also be taken into account in service design and production. Principles of design and Axiomatic Design theory by Nam Suh in design and production of services enable us to create productive, profitable, adaptive and dynamic services. The challenge is also to develop and maintain human and other organizational resources that are capable of designing and producing services in knowledge enterprises. Sustainability of such services is also crucial. This paper proceeds from theory to practice. The paper starts with theoretical considerations of design and its implications and then shows methods and tools that can be used to develop and maintain organizational resources to provide services in knowledge enterprises in a sustainable manner. Finally, a case of service design resources development is presented.

Keywords: Axiomatic Design, Service design, Evolute, Fuzzy logic, Ontology, Requirements

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100431

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