Ergotyping®-Tools providing Computer-Based Support for Ergonomic Evaluation Processes of Human-Machine-Interfaces

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Edgar ScherstjanoiChristiane KamusellaDaniel GröllichKai Bürkle

Abstract: Ergonomic analysis and assessments help to reveal potential risks for either planned or established working conditions to determine the necessity for further measures. In order to effectively identify the parameters with the biggest impact(s) on improvements in designing or redesigning working environments, it is necessary to extract adequate indicators with major influences on working conditions (Bürkle et al. 2013). This can be done effectively by using computer-based ergonomic tools. Different effects on work related strain become apparent by changing parameters within certain indicators. Alternative workplace designs aiming at changing these parameters can be developed and tested with focus on complying with set requirements. As this procedure is often carried out iteratively, it is obvious that Ergotyping® can help facilitating this process extensively.

Keywords: Ergonomics tools, digital human model, product development process, digital prototyping, virtual ergonomics, Ergotyping®

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100467

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