Human Aspect and Risk in Quality Management Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Paweł Królas

Abstract: The fundamental aspect of enterprise activates concentrate on creating the value to the owner of the business. The organization is able to fulfill the requirements of the stakeholders by creating management system. One of the most popular management systems occurring in the organizations all over the world based on ISO requirements. Such model consists from different elements which also include human resources. The paper presents managerial aspect of human activity and risk according to the most popular Quality Management Systems. The first part of the paper concentrate on transfer knowledge from the management part to the operation filed of the organization. The second part of the article constitutes connection between chosen ISO management standards and the meaning of the human aspect in manufacturing. The last part of the paper deal with new proposal of the system which could be introduced in the turbulent environment of the enterprise. Article describes theoretical and practical aspects of the ISO systems implementation in small, medium and large organizations according to the human aspect and risk. It also presents the basic idea to the new system which concentrates on opportunities which occurs in changing environment of the enterprise.


DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100433

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