The Market Conditions Based Taxonomy of Modern Manufacturing Practices

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Authors: Krystian Pawłowski

Abstract: The subject of research is the taxonomy of modern methods and techniques of management. Management methods and their classification have always been the subject of research in both theoretical aspect (defining logical relationships in an organized set of methods) and empirical aspect (verifying their practical application). Empirical studies have been conducted multiple times in various countries. The objective of research was most frequently: the goals (reasons) for implementation, and the actual extent and results of the implementation. The purpose of this article is to present the results of research on the taxonomy of modern management methods in the context of situational determinants of enterprises in the process of implementing these methods. Such formulated problem is a result of a belief that the selection of modern methods of management in companies is subjected to both internal and external situational determinants. In my research I intend to test the hypothesis that an important factor for the company situational determinants is that company’s market orientation. The research process is divided into two phases: 1. Phase of the literature study and preparation of methodology for empirical research, 2 Empirical research and development of results. This article summarizes the results of the literature study and the main assumptions of the model of empirical research, which will be carried out at the beginning of 2014. The scope of the research includes 39 methods and techniques of management.

Keywords: Taxonomy of modern management methods, Lean Management, Agile Enterprise, Enterprise Market Orientation.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100435

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