Probe into the Methods of Flight Training Based on Special Flight Environment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: ZHAO XinLI YanDING LiZhang LuDanZhang WenBoZhu ZhaoWei

Abstract: With the changing nature of modern warfare, warfighters have to equip with agile fighting skills and robust psychological qualities. Only by staying calm and being unruffled when facing complicated circumstances, can they give full play to the skills learned during training or save the plane in emergencies. This article is against such background to probe into the methods of flight training based on special flight environment. 10 participants were selected in this experiment. The FSX was used and a retired FT-6 was adapted as the cockpit, the training scheme had been set out. With respect to three certain special flight environments, tasks scenes had been selected from FSX. Meanwhile, the heart rate amplitude was recorded, and the scales of state anxiety conducted before and after training were investigated. By analyzing the 10 subjects' physiological and psychological data, the conclusions had been drawn as follows: (a) the effects of training reflected more on the relief of the psychological anxiety; (b) a decline in psychological levels of anxiety had more effect on task-performing efficiency; (c) in the special fight environment, a certain degree of physiological arousal combined with a decline of anxiety had made the participants complete the tasks more successfully.

Keywords: Special Flight Environment, Flight Simulator, Flight Training

DOI: 10.54941/10014

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