Self-Adaptive Blur: A Persuasive Method for Healthy Posture

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Liu YishuoLiao ChenZhang Jingning

Abstract: In this paper, we presented an interactive method named as Self-Adaptive Blur (SAB). By altering the sharpness of display according to the context, the SAB method was designed to prevent common discomforts of computer users by helping them maintain healthy posture. Based on previous pathophysiological studies, the causation of discomfort, mainly of neck and shoulder pain, was reviewed to select effective factors. A functioning prototype was developed using Microsoft Kinect and a desktop client program. The efficacy of our persuasive practice was examined by a series of experiments with the prototype. Objective records demonstrated the effectiveness of the SAB method, while subjective questionnaires and interviews revealed other instructive findings for further improvements.

Keywords: Self-Adaptive Blur, Neck and Shoulder Pain, HCI, Persuasive Technology

DOI: 10.54941/10017

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