Effect of Time of Day and Treadmill Running on the Vertical Spinal Creep Response

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Authors: Rungthip PuntumetakulUsa KarukunchitManida SwangnetrMonteinPuntumetakul

Abstract: Height loss during the day is attributed to gravitational loading of intervertebral discs. Previous research demonstrated treadmill running could maximize magnitude of vertical spinal creep (VSC) response. To date, previous studies have not yet investigated time of day when performing treadmill running has effects on VSC response. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of diurnal variation on VSC response after treadmill running. Sixty healthy subjects were recruited. Subjects were randomly assigned into either treadmill running or control groups. Each subject was asked to visit the lab on three consecutive days. The first day included familiarization sessions. The subsequent two consecutive days was to perform treadmill running or normal daily activity. Each subject was measured VSC responses using height loss stadiometer. For the intervention group, subjects were asked to perform treadmill running. For the control group, subjects were asked to continue normal daily activities during the experimental trials. Subjects were measured VSC responses after the completion of test trials. Paired t-test revealed significant increases in VSC responses in the treadmill running group for morning (p = 0.007) and afternoon sessions (p = 0.023). However, the time of day had no significantly effects on magnitude of VSC responses.

Keywords: Vertical Spinal Creep, Diurnal Variation, Treadmill Running

DOI: 10.54941/10019

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