A Study of the Impulse Noise for the Protecting Earplug Performance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: SungHak ChungHyoSeok Yun

Abstract: The objective of this study is the frequency of the noise source 170 dB level of impulse noise attenuation performance by earplugs to identify, to analyze the frequency characteristics of a shape and pattern. The impulse noise of the frequency earplug in order to analyze the impulsive noise attenuation performance for the analysis of the noise source equipment was built. In order to check the noise attenuation performance and noise attenuation performance Ear simulator production was verified. Previous studies have most transportation and public noise, even in the noise source for sound levels were 140 dB, but this study is higher than that of the impulsive noise source features. The result of the impulsive noise attenuation effect is frequency-dependent mean 28.58 dB.

Keywords: Impulsive Noise, Frequency, Earplug, Noise Reduction

DOI: 10.54941/10020

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