Development of BAC Consumption and Related Structure Equation Model on Korean Driver

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: SungHak Chung

Abstract: This study is to provide the criteria necessary for justification on any administrative measure possible to revoke ones driving license or to legally punish any person who has been under the influence whilst driving. The alcohol concentration in blood/breath was measured in this research through the drinking culture habits. The conclusion of this study estimates per hour, the average consumption rate of BAC (β) -0.0178g/kg and SD was 0.00497. Then, a consumption rate of the BAC will be calculated out through the multiple regression analysis thereof. A structural equation model of the effect that the drinking culture habit and the consumption rate of the BAC have on unsafe human behavior tendency factor is expressed in a model. In this study, a questionnaire on behavioral response whilst under alcohol influence, physical characteristics and personality test was conducted, also included was the alcohol test of NHTSA and the WHO alcohol test.

Keywords: Structure Equation Model, Alcohol Consumption, Human Behavior Model

DOI: 10.54941/10022

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