Risk Assessment for LPG Storage

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ales BernatikIvana Bartlova

Abstract: In view of the growing prices of petrol and oil, the interest of drivers in liquefied propane-butane (LPG) as a fuel for cars rises. The number of storage tanks for car filling, both stand-alone tanks and tanks as part of petrol filling stations increases. Prevention of accidents associated with LPG storage facilities is a priority in the protection of people in the vicinity of the facilities and equipment and forms an integral part of the management of system safety. The aim is to contribute to the prevention of accidents and incidents of process equipment with LPG based on the analysis of possible scenarios of accidents of LPG storage tanks and on the assessment of risks.

Keywords: major accident prevention, risk assessment methods, LPG, fuels

DOI: 10.54941/10023

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