RBI – Support Tool for Industrial Risk Prevention

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Authors: Hana PacaiovaMilan OravecJan Kolesar

Abstract: Risk management requires a high level of knowledge, process and system approach, management culture and the organization in order to eliminate any non-conformity, that threaten organizational aims. Systematic approach to the management level is possible in the current conditions to create the most objective platform for decision-making process at all management levels of the organization. Changes in different areas of the external environment of enterprises carrying the legislative as well as other requirements in its internal environment, creating pressure for changes in management and decision-making processes, which must take new trends, especially in area of new emerging risks. Monitoring the critical equipments with progressive methods supported by risk management processes, allows reducing uncertainty and increase confidence in the management practices of employees but also all stakeholders.

Keywords: Risk Management, processes, standards

DOI: 10.54941/10024

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