A System for Automated Live Ergonomics Assessment and Its Applications in Manufacturing

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: T.D. NguyenMartin KleinsorgeJörg Krüger

Abstract: We present a system to assess ergonomics of a manual production process in real time. The system computes a score based on the current working pose of the subject using the “Ergonomics Assessment Worksheet (EAWS)” method. Furthermore, we propose an application scenario where this system is used to automatically adjust the height of a lifting table to enable an ergonomically optimal working pose for the worker. Our sensing system provides necessary information to assess the situational physical load. It consists of a “Microsoft Kinect”, a low cost 3D camera, and a software component. To demonstrate a practical application, we use the component to automatically adjust the height of a lifting table in order to enable comfortable working in straight pose with arms below shoulder level. In other words, it is able to adapt to different subjects with different anthropometrics.

Keywords: Ergonomics optimisation, Ergonomics assessment

DOI: 10.54941/10026

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