Safety Assessment of Pesticide-Barrier Protection Properties of High-Tech Material Agricultural Safety Clothing: In Vivo-Test Using the Artificial Skin

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Authors: Ryang-Hee KimSung-Sic Choi

Abstract: Industrial safety clothing is supposed to have capability to adjust its inside microclimate, to protect the human body from dangerous environments, and to improve productivity. So, it is important to select proper materials, forms, and wearing methods of work-clothes. Agricultural Safety Clothing (ASC) should protect the human body from environmental conditions such as cold, heat, and humidity as well as from working conditions. Agricultural Safety Clothing should also enhance the safety, comfort, and efficiency of works. However, they have increased the use of pesticide to harvest more crops, which has caused various side effects, and insects have become resistant to pesticides. For these issues, we aimed to develop the newly agricultural safety clothing based on highly technology finish textiles, and to estimate pesticide protective performance properties. And we were to evaluate the pesticide barrier property and safety performance properties of newly designed ASC being made with high-tech proof finish spun-laced nonwoven fabrics. The results of this study were as follows: 1). New high-tech proof finished ASC has respectively negligible or sometimes inconclusive amount of pesticide residue. Hence, newly designed ASC with high-tech proof finish fabrics was evaluated as the safety ASC better than the conventional safety clothing.

Keywords: Agricultural Safety Clothing, Pesticide-Barrier Properties, Virtual Assessment, Dermal Comfort, Predictive Statistical Model

DOI: 10.54941/10027

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