Physical Strength and Hand Dimensions of a Population Sample: Results and Differences in Age and Gender

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: André KlussmannChristoph MühlemeyerPatrick SerafinInna LevchukKarl-Heinz LangHansjürgen Gebhardt

Abstract: Anthropometric data and data about hand force could be a very important assistance for the ergonomic design of products, such as hand tools, machines etc. The aim of this study is to collect data about hand force and dimensions of the hand-arm-system of a representative sample of the population in Germany. The maximal isometric force and hand dimensions were determined among 1,214 participants (432 females, 782 males). The cases taken into account in force measurements include pulling strength, gripping strength and torque strength.

Keywords: MVE, Maximum Voluntary Effort, Force, Age, Gender, Population, Methods, Hand Dimensions

DOI: 10.54941/10031

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