A Simple Tool for Preliminary Hazard Identification and Quick Assessment: Applicative Experiences

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Authors: Jean-Jacques Atain-KouadioaLaurent ClaudonaPatricia MazièrebJean-Pierre Meyera

Abstract: Physical activity at work is often characterized by time pressure, repeatability and levels of effort and gestural constraints, or the inverse of a "physical activity health." Therefore, they will be called physical workloads. Indeed, despite technological advances that alleviate the toughest tasks, physical burden remains a major source of industrial accidents and occupational diseases. It is still often causes fatigue, pain that degrade the professional gesture and perception of the task, leading not only to errors that affect the work quality, but also to accidents (traumatic cardiovascular...), damage to the musculoskeletal system and work incapacity. Factors that influence these risks are related to the individual, his work (content and organization), its physical and human environment...

Keywords: physical workload, risk assessment, work situation, workstation

DOI: 10.54941/10037

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