Investigating the Enhancement of Stereoscopic Displays to Parking Performance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: An-Che ChenChien-Chih Chen

Abstract: To ensure the safety and performance in parking, equipping LCD visual displays of rear view imaging have become popular for modern automobiles. Existing technology often uses plain 2D display for such imaging system but the sense of depth, that is naturally perceived by bare eyes with stereoscopic visions and known to be a crucial piece of information in driving, is absent through such conventional displays. Our study aims to investigate the enhancement in parking performance by providing 3D (or stereoscopic) imaging of the primary rear view display. Research data were collected through the experiments of reverse/backward parking tasks with various types of physical obstacles and camera angles, tested by experienced drivers. Identical set of experiment conditions were instrumented both in 3D and 2D displays for comparison. Performance data, such as clearance to obstacle, task completion time, and parking deviation, as well as the subjective data in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages by providing 3D imaging were both recorded and cross-referenced. Generally speaking, our study does not find much significant advantages in stereoscopic imaging for the driving performance of reverse/backward parking. The subjective measures, however, did suggest the advantages of stereoscopic displays, especially in clearance estimation.

Keywords: Stereoscopic Display, Parking Performance, Driver Interface

DOI: 10.54941/10044

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