Cell Phone Conversations with Hands-Free Devices Interfering with Cognition of Visual Information while Driving

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Akihide TakanoHiromi NishiguchiMitsuhiko Karashima

Abstract: Hands-free devices do not shift the line of vision from the road to a cell phone and limit the person driving. So, the use of hands-free devices while driving is permitted by law. However, it is conceivable that even the interaction with auditory information interferes with cognition of the visual information because the limited capacities of attention resources. Thus, this research discusses whether auditory information interactions interfere with cognition of visual information. In this research, the dual task method was carried out. This research obtained the reaction times and the frequency of oversight of signals from the primary task and the information by means of the NASA-TLX as the subjective evaluations. These data indicated that delays in reaction to signals, increases in oversight of signals, and so on were caused by the secondary task. Thus, it was suggested that cognition of visual information was disturbed by the auditory information interaction. Therefore, the use of a cell phone with a hands-free device interferes with driving.

Keywords: Cognitive Processing, Cognitive load, Working Memory, Attention

DOI: 10.54941/10046

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