Evaluation of Endpoint Compliance Based on the Estimation of the Muscle Activity

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuichi KuritaKohei SakuradaTosho Tsuji

Abstract: In this paper, endpoint compliance based on muscle activity is calculated by using a musculoskeletal model. Muscle force and muscle activity during a reaching movement are estimated by an optimization calculation based on the musculoskeletal and muscular contraction models. The calculated endpoint compliance during the reaching movement is shown by an ellipsoid. The difference between the muscle force- and the muscle activity-based endpoint compliance ellipsoids are discussed. The simulation results show that the short axes of the muscle activity-based ellipsoids tend to become longer than those of the muscle force-based ellipsoids.

Keywords: Endpoint compliance, musculoskeletal model, muscle activity, subjective effort

DOI: 10.54941/10011

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