Eye Movement Analysis on Observation Method “Mitate” of Urushi Craftspeople

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Authors: Atsushi Endo*Chieko Narita*Koji Kuroda**Yuka Takai***Akihiko Goto***Yutaro Shimode****Hiroyuki Hamada*

Abstract: Urushi crafts is one of the Japanese traditional crafts. If Urushi crafts works are broken, they can be used over and over again by repainting Urushi or sprinkling metallic powders. When they are repaired, their conditions, materials and techniques need to be understood in order to be repaired correctly. Expert Urushi craftspeople can gain an insight into these characteristics by the naked eye, and can repair correctly. In this study, it was aimed to examine the eye movement of the Urushi craftspeople when they looked at the Urushi crafts works. And then eye movements were measured for expert and non-expert Urushi craftspeople and students studying Urushi crafts technique. As the results, it was considered that the expert had more balanced look at each part of the work than the non-expert and students.

Keywords: Urushi crafts, Maki-e, Eye movement, Mitate, Expert and non-expert

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100050

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