Study on the Appraisal System of Manual Work Efficiency

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ding Li Yang Feng Li JingWen Yuan XiuGan

Abstract: The biomechanics and physiology of the joints, muscles, sensors and nerves of the hand, as well as the manual work were analyzed in detail. In addition to 65 minor indexes, 5 major ones including the strength, fatigue, range of motion, tactility and dexterity were proposed in order to evaluate the manual work efficiency. Different approaches and facilities corresponding with varied indexes aiming to appraising the efficiency were designed and manufactured. With the aid of these apparatus, 26 subjects participated in the tests which were relative to 5 major and 47 minor indexes. Based on the experimental results, an optimal appraisal system integrating with some indexes employed in the work efficiency assess were presented. Also, the optimal efficiency appraisal system’s practicality was verified by the evaluation of heat resistant gloves.

Keywords: Manual Work, Efficiency, Appraisal

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100065

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