Study on Astronauts’ Workload of Typical Tasks in Orbit

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Li WangGaoxiang WangWeifen HuangChanghua JiangYuLin Xu

Abstract: In order to arrange astronauts’ long-term working properly in the space station in the future, this study evaluated the workload of astronauts’ typical tasks in the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft. The seven tasks were selected as typical tasks including replacing the floor, assembling a dynamometer on a bike, connecting the pipeline of the condensed water for sampling test, pulmonary function tests after exercise, tests of oxygen producing with electrolysis, and manual-control rendezvous and docking. Through subjective measurement instrument modified NASA-TLX, the results indicated that astronauts’ workload of replacing the floor were the highest among the 7 tasks. And then followed was the workload from pulmonary function tests after exercise and the tests of oxygen producing with electrolysis. The workload from the task b1, Y1 was relative low. Although the task J1 was more complex and difficult, the astronauts’ workload was not high.

Keywords: Astronauts’ workload, subjective measurement, typical tasks in orbit

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100078

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