3D Functional Foot

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Authors: Luximon Ameersing aGanesan BalasankaraKaiWei Zhao aLap Ki Chanb

Abstract: The human foot is a complex biomechanical structure, which is consist of 26 bones, numerous muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, arteries, veins and other soft tissues, is contributing the overall shape of the foot, and is mainly helping to bear the entire body weight, and static and dynamic motions of the foot. The foot has various dynamic motions such as dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, and eversion, abduction and adduction. The foot shape, structure, functions and motions will vary from one person to another person due to its own morphological structure. A footwear designer is necessary to know about these structures and functions of the foot to design and construct the footwear with comfort and fit. Conventional methods such as anthropometers, calipers, and tapes are used to get the anthropometric data to design the custom-made footwear. Recently, 3D scanning of the foot has been used to get the accurate anthropometric measurement foot data to design the good-fitting footwear. However, there are very few studies reported about Kinect for foot measurement. It is difficult to predict the changes of the foot inner structures during the various functional position of the foot. Therefore, this study tries to develop the 3D functional foot model with using different high heel position. It also considers the effect of land marking error. A result of this study is essential for the design of better fitting and comfortable footwear.

Keywords: Kinect, Functional Foot, 3D foot

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100080

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