ColorErg - Color Ergonomics in Fashion Design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fernando Moreira da Silva

Abstract: We all have a personal relationship with Color. Often we give ourselves an instinctive color treatment, just by choosing clothing of a particular color, or putting around us certain colors in our homes or gardens. Most of our reactions are, however, unaware and it is only when we begin to use color in an informed way that we can take advantage of this extraordinary life force in order to improve the quality of life and our well-being. The colors we use can provide protection against many physical ailments as well as can give us emotional inspiration. Obviously the clothes also protect us from the elements, being a form of personal expression, protecting us from the world around us and affecting the way we feel and think. ColorErg is a research project which aims to study physical, physiological and psychological color effects, in its interaction with human beings through clothing, underlining the importance of color ergonomics. The main objectives focus on the acquisition of scientific knowledge in the area serving as a projective tool for fashion designers, as well as to contribute, through the dissemination of its results, as a reference to the use of color to users in general.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Color, Fashion Design, Sustainability, User Centered Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100772

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