Material and Ergonomics in Chairs: Study Focusing on Identity of the Materials and Perception of Textures

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gilberto Almeida Jr.Regina Álvares DiasJairo José Drummond Câmara

Abstract: This article discusses the relationship between the material properties perceived by individuals and the incorporation of their identity to the product, through studies of dining chairs. Its central focus is on ergonomics aspects related to materials from an experimental study with users participation. The method of study is composed of different tests, two of them have been chosen to present in this article dealing with issues related to materials with potential application in chairs. Criteria such as polymeric material texture, material identification and perceived surfaces by individuals, perception of different surfaces like metals and naturals, perception of distinct attributes associated with different material families and semantic evaluation of products made of different materials were evaluated. The study is part of a work as master research and its results will be presented showing that the product incorporates part of its material properties and interfere to the product’s identity, and consequently in the mechanisms of user’s perception, because there was reflected in the judgment of the chairs that had similar model.

Keywords: Design, Materials, Ergonomics, Perception, Textures.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100774

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