Ergonomic Studies in Brazil and Portugal in the Operators of Electric Power Control Centers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Miguel MeloLuiz Bueno

Abstract: The electricity sector has resulted in more sophisticated equipment and requires more attention from operators, bringing the monitor and operating a growing set of equipment. This results in increased workload with emphasis on cognitive and environments more conducive to error. The task of an operator, in the Electric Power Control Centers is very complex and specialized situation. They have the basic item, the prevention of incidents and errors that disrupt the operation of the electrical system, or when this is not possible, they attempt to make the process of returning to normal, which is called recovery. They have to do it by mobilizing knowledge and reasoning for which they received training, which, from the point of view of existing rules, are adequate. However, there are some factors that need to be improved because there are still accidents and incidents caused mainly by fatigue, lack of concentration, or inadequate human-computer interface. The aim of this paper is to evaluate workload and ergonomics aspects on the operators in the electric power control centers and analyze whether there are differences in two countries of different continents Brazil and Portugal.

Keywords: Workload in Electric Power Control Centers, Human-Machine Interface, Cognitive Ergonomics.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100778

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