The Analysis of the Floor-Sitting Behavior Within the Context of Ergonomics Science Elements for the Development of the Floor-Sitting Furniture Design

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Authors: Sani. M.NajibaYusoff. B.Saifulb

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the floor-sitting behavior within the ergonomics’ science context for the development of the floor-sitting furniture design. This study was conducted by observing the floor-sitting behaviors using the video surveillance method within the perimeters of a home environment. The floor-sitting furniture prototype was used as the auxiliary tool to manifest the dwellers’ postural dynamics. Data collection was used over a 6-month period in order to identify the frequency of floor-sitting postures, based on the synthesis of ergonomics science elements. These include: physics, psychology, anatomy, physiology, and engineering, which are mellifluously articulated within the ergonomics’ ergosystems. The prototype of floor-sitting furniture contemporaneously exhibits the significant context of objects used as perching mechanisms; where through this engagement to floor-sitting expressions, the dwellers form another dimension to the sitting comfort definition. This study has successfully produced a detailed illustration of the floor-sitting postures which are idyllically practiced by Malaysians within their home environments. The majority of houses used in this study were fully furnished. However, it was identified that the majority of Malaysians in this study typically preferred sitting on the floor with their bodies perched against objects used for resting. A compilation of floor-sitting data was obtained, and the designed prototype demonstrates the capability of the culturally linked subject’s extension within the explication of the ergonomics, and creative design contexts.

Keywords: floor-sitting behavior, ergonomics, ergosystems, furniture design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100784

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