Measurement and Research on Foot Size of Juveniles in Shanghai

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhou XiangHu Shouzhong

Abstract: China has been lack of accurate human body size datas of juveniles in a long term, which foot size is one of them. This article discusses the application of three-dimensional anthropometry technology. By measuring the foot length and sole circumference of 4000 juveniles between 4 to 17 years old in Shanghai, foot shape of Juveniles can be defined and classified, which can provide effective scientific basis for Juveniles' shoes design, plate-making, edition and publishing, while Juveniles' shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, cloth shoes, etc., can only achieve the best suitable, comfortable, warm, beautiful effect with perfect matching with human foot shape. The classification, shape definition and ergonomics research of juveniles in Shanghai has a profound economic and practical significance to the footwear manufacturing enterprise and the society.

Keywords: Juvenile, Foot length, Sole circumference, Foot shape

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100795

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