Ergonomics Solutions in the Footwear Industry: The Case of the Activity of Footwear Unmold

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Authors: Francisco Soares Másculo* PhDGeraldo Alves Colaço MScIthyara Machado

Abstract: This work analyzed the influence of the implementation of ergonomic measures in the work conditions of the cemented assembly section in the unmold activity in a shoe industry located in the state of Paraiba. To do so it took place a comparative analysis with relationship to the ergonomic improvements previously implanted in the workstations of the company, looking for to verify if the application of those measures had influenced or not the work conditions in the assembly section mentioned. Historically, that type of industry doesn't have in its practices a culture of Prevention of Accidents and Ergonomics. Consequently it is noticed the elevation of the number of acquired diseases related to the work in that section. As methodological procedures, interviews were accomplished with workers of the Section of Assembly of the industry, looking for to make the measurement of the work conditions starting from the application of the methodologies Situation, Problem and Improvement (SPI) and of the methods Occupational Repetitive Action (OCRA), Gravity, Urgency and Tendency (GUT) and the diagram of painful areas of Corlett and Manenica (1980). As result, improvements of the work conditions were evidenced with the elimination of non ergonomic conditions in the activity, besides making possible larger motivation and better life quality to the employees of the studied section.

Keywords: work conditions, ergonomics, shoe industry

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100797

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