The Evaluation of Work Systems and Products: Considerations from the Cultural Ergonomics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sandra MejiasMarcelo Soares

Abstract: This paper presents a conceptual model that combines Ergonomics and Design. The authors combine the expertise of both disciplines to begin the construction of an investigation. The argument of the article is that the integration of the evaluation of systems of work and Cultural Ergonomics considering product can raise the optimization of human performance in work systems and integrate the products to its users. A conceptual model is presented, and its components and interactions are explained. The interaction between system – client’s work - products is an important feature in this model. Aspects of the Macroergonomics as an intervention tool considered are: participation, commitment and action investigation. The expected results are: improved productivity, quality of work and the suitability of the product to the user at higher levels than those achieved previously. The model is then applied to case studies in Recife, Brazil and Villa Clara, Cuba.

Keywords: Systems of work, Macroergonomics, Design of Products, Cultural ergonomics.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100799

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