Hyperbaric Chambers: A Human-Environment-Machine Approach

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Noemi BittermanAriel Bonen

Abstract: Hyperbaric chambers are pressure vessels capable of accommodating one or more persons with the purpose of providing medical treatment. Therapeutic hyperbaric chambers have been in use from the mid-20th century, yet apparently their design has not reached its full potential and they are not compatible with current healthcare facilities design. This paper will investigate therapeutic hyperbaric chambers from a human-environment-machine perspective in order to highlight their specific problems and requirements, and suggest design concepts that may improve the function of the staff, the quality of treatment provided and patient satisfaction. Data were collected from personal observations, a literature review and a market survey. Main design solutions include personal space and privacy, ease and comfort of walking into the chamber, mobility, stress- and anxiety-reducing environment, re-arrangement of seating and equipment locations, personalized (user-tailored) entertainment systems, and more. It is suggested that adopting a user-centered design rather than an engineering focus will improve workload and functionality of the staff, alleviate psychological issues, and increase satisfaction and the overall "user experience" of the patients. This study could be applicable and easily adapted to other confined environments.

Keywords: Hyperbaric, Confined Atmosphere, HBO, User-Centered Design, High Pressures

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100800

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