Drawing Accessibilities - Classroom Introductory Module to UX Design

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Authors: Jose Miguel Gago da SilvaFernando Moreira da Silva

Abstract: Reflection through drawing is a strategy capable of developing perception, project values. Several studies explain how drawing serves as a reasoning tool when engaging a student to learn a subject of study; the learner tries to represent their comprehension on a specific subject. The act of drawing works as an incentive, students interact with the subject of study through the graphic representation of an idea. There is the need to empower drawing as a reasoning tool in higher education settings, in finding new approaches in classroom in developing user experience (UX) projects focused in accessibility, usability factors. This learning strategy is crucial in the contemporaneous context of user Interface design because it allows new outcomes, allows learners to understand in a systematic approach how to develop, empower accessibility solutions in a UX project.

Keywords: User Experience, Reasoning through drawing, Learning, Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100766

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