Use of Adaptive Controlling Torques with the Aim to Transfer Information by the Haptic Perception Channel

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Johann WinterhollerKrzysztof ChmaraChristian SchulzThomas Maier

Abstract: The investigations show that the haptic perception channel can systematically be applied for information transfer. As the results show special haptic feedbacks like amplitude changes, rotary changes or blocks at the end of the torque function are recognized very well. The results also show that haptic feedbacks can be used in combination with visual displays to transmit information. The transmission of information through the haptic and visual perception channel is even better than the purely visual transmission. But this statement must be backed up by further studies in order to show that the haptic transmission of information to the user via a central control element leads to a reduction of operating time, visual distraction and cognitive stress in difficult tasks.All in all, this approach allows innovative interfaces so that the usability of products can be improved and the operational safety can be increased.

Keywords: Adaptive Controlling Torque, Information Coding, Haptic Perception Channel

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100803

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