Intercultural Aspects: Color Usability Perception

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maria Lúcia L. R. Okimoto aKlaus BenglerbCristina Olaverri Monreal b

Abstract: This article presents an exploratory study involving the perception of color within a computer task in two different contexts, Brazil and Germany. In this study, we propose a comparison between possible elements of usability in typing task and color. A total of 62 individuals (31 Brazilian and 31 German) participated in the study. We developed a questionnaire in the language of each country. The questionnaire was sent, via email, to persons who had previously agreed to participate in the survey. Alongside each question, we provided a palette of 48 colors to correlate colors with usability elements. Participants were requested to correlate past experiences of a typing task. We found significant differences for color perception in positive and negative emotions (success and failures in accomplishing the task). We observe that the color ratings obtained from the German group are more homogeneous than those of the Brazilian group. And in the Brazilian group, we found more preference for many colors for that same task, and we suggest further studies.

Keywords: Usability Perception, Intercultural, Color Perception

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100805

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