Does Spectacle-Type Wearable Display Improve Efficiency and Safety? : An Experimental Evaluation of Practical Use

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Takahiro Uchiyama aDaigoro YokoyamaaYusuke Fukuda bMiyuki Yagi bMiwa Nakanishi a

Abstract: In this study, we experimentally evaluated the effectiveness of using a spectacle-type wearable display (SWD) to enhance safety and efficiency. Particularly, we aimed to understand whether the use of SWDs instead of small monitors in medicine or aviation will improve task accuracy and efficiency and to what extent. Specifically, we applied an SWD for operating an object while watching an image displayed on the monitor, and we investigated the effect of using SWDs as an alternative to small monitors via simulation experiments. We focused on efficiency and safety, and found that safety improved by 24% and efficiency by 8%–29%. The effectiveness of the SWD is larger in case where the position of the small monitor makes operating the object difficult.

Keywords: Spectacle-Type Wearable Display, Safety, Efficiency.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100816

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