Experimental Study on Display of Energy-Related Information in Smart Homes and Electric Vehicles

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kodai ItoMichiko Ohkura

Abstract: Environmental pollution and electrical power shortages are serious worldwide issues. Since private households clearly constitute a main energy consumer, the environment can be positively affected if home energy consumption is reduced. We are developing a prototype smart home that offers a smart quality of life (QOL) to its residents and reduces both CO2 emissions and energy consumption. An important issue toward achieving this aim is how to show energy-related information to residents. Last year, we focused on QOL and experimentally clarified where and how to display such information in a smart home. In this article, we describe our new experiment that clarifies how to display energy-related information and controls for home appliances in smart homes and electric vehicles (EVs).

Keywords: smart home, energy saving, user interface, information presentation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100817

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