Human-Social Interaction Model for E-Health Interfaces

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Cláudia Pernencar

Abstract: Living with chronic diseases has an enormous impact in patient’s daily life. Those who feel that impact on their day-to-day especially regarding with the management of the disease itself, often end up getting solutions to overcome the difficulties becoming both "User Innovator" and "User Patient". If we associate to this detail, the professional experience as a "User Designer" then, we can probably reduce the step's number during the iterative Design Process that is used to develop a digital system, as the research we are covering. We intend to analyze these problems concerning the model "Human-Social Interaction model for e-health interfaces" presented on this paper. We include three axes and their specifications. “User Innovator” with personal experience (Own needs, motivation and recognize news sets of designs); “User Designer” with Interaction Design skills (Interaction design, usability tests and wireframe); “User Patient” with Cronic Disease (Experience, patient perspective and social integration).

Keywords: e-Health, Human-Social Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Smart patients, User Innovators.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100824

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