Sustainability, Interior Design, and Comfort in Youth Travel Accommodations

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Santa KlavinaabAna Margarida FerreiraaManuel Duarte Pinheiroc

Abstract: There are numerous claims for sustainability in design, design research, environmental ergonomics, and other areas about human-environment interaction. However high specificity of each area, fragmented research, and various approaches to sustainability have induced the need to discuss the relationship between sustainability, design, and human interaction with involving environment, especially in built environment. New trend of growing number of independent hostels in Lisbon calls for deep analysis of this system. The study of publications, both scientific and public, was made to understand the characteristics of it. This article emphasizes the relations among sustainability, interior design, comfort, and well-being, necessary to understand the end-user of these travel accommodations. The findings are contributing for development of survey to be carried out in second phase of research.

Keywords: Sustainability, Interior Design, Comfort, Well-being, Youth Travel Accommodations

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100826

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