Evaluation of an Optimal Width of a Rear Seat of Sedans

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aleksandar Zunjic aVladimir Lesnikov b

Abstract: A relatively large number of papers have been published on the topic of designing and evaluation of ergonomic convenience of the driver's seat of passenger cars. However, in the scientific and technical literature, it is extremely difficult to find an article that relates to the anthropometric determination of the width of the rear seats of sedans. The primary objective of this article is to consider the possibilities of positioning of passengers with different anthropometric dimensions on the rear seat of sedans. To make this possible, the research was necessary to start with the analysis of the current situation in the global auto industry from the aforementioned aspect. Analytical procedure was initiated by specifying the identical maximal percentiles of persons that can be accommodated on the rear seat of selected models of sedans. An additional, more complex analysis has included different combinations of accommodation of adults and children. Different combinations of 55 human dimensions and the possibilities of their positioning in various types of sedans were considered. This analysis was the basis that enabled the creation of diagrams of comfortable accommodation of passengers, depending on the width of the available space on the rear seat of a sedan.

Keywords: Rear Seat, Sedan, Anthropometry

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100828

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