Anthropometric Analysis of Human Head to Identification of Height in Proper Use of Ballistic Helmets

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Márcio F. Catapan abMaria Lucia Okimoto bMateus Villas Boas cRoberto Waldhauer c

Abstract: Studies of the physical characteristics of man and their dimensional variations have interested researchers since antiquity. In relating to the human head, the measures that are analyzed to make your sizing artifacts that protect her from possible accidents, are tied just as its circumference. In the military area, studies report that approximately half of the deaths in the battle fields is due to projectiles triggered in the soldier's head. However, other studies show that this artifact after a few minutes in continuous use, it becomes heavy and unstable for many users. Ie, proves itself that some soldiers do not wear a helmet when necessary is because it bothers them. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to research the height of the human head, in area the ballistic helmet, to verify whether this is significant or not height variation. Thus, it can be highlighted the need for a new ballistic helmet design to serve this dimensional variation of the height of the human head. For it is made a pilot survey and analyzed the anthropometric measurements of the human head using conventional instruments. Next analyzed the values and found that the means are different, proving that if the artifact of study is not adequate for use on the battlefield for all users.

Keywords: ballistic helmet, anthropometric analysis, head height

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100830

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