Fundamentals of Patch Design For Body Perspiration: An Approach In Health Promotion

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Venus JalaliHassan NaeniSara DindarNewsha KooshkiAzadeh Jahanbakhsh

Abstract: Nowadays, the significance of personal hygiene considering is inevitable for all. Axilla perspiration is the factor that causes some problems in terms of hygiene. The study's effort is the implicit film could lie on the body directly and invisibly. Data gathering was developed based on sampling, in depth observation, interviews, questioning and experimental studies. The anthropometic variables of samples` armpits were measured. Undoubtedly in this case the selection of related material has a critical role. Our findings were categorized into three parts of anthropometrics, questionings, and experimental. The related percentages were calculated on the anthropometry dimensions. A significant relationship was acquired between samples' feelings and perspiration level, also between peoples' inconveniences and the amount of sweating. Among the exiting materials, the hydrogels have high water absorption. Hydrogels based on partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide were used in this case because of several advantages. Sodium Alginate is also used as a substrate for our gel,, which can link to it and have appropriate mechanical properties to hold it during usage. On the basis of the outcomes, the use of antiperspirant films in a way which doesn’t have effects on naturally sweating of body could help control the inconveniences.

Keywords: Perspiration, Axilla, Product Design, Anthropometry, Hydrogels, Water Absorption

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100831

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