Sustainable Design Through the Case Study Daciano da Costa

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Authors: Ana Moreira da Silva

Abstract: This paper, which stems from a PhD research, aims to disseminate among the international scientific community the thought of Daciano da Costa (1930-2005) throughout his teaching career and his professional practice. Daciano conceived numerous interior and installation design projects of outstanding quality from the early 60’s onwards. His work made him one of the most important figures of Design in Portugal. Through this case study we focus on the role played by Daciano on his teaching and professional practice concerning Sustainable Design concept. He brought to practice and teaching a modernization of processes, a new perspective on the emerging themes of Design during the XX century. Daciano da Costa believed that designing was providing a service to the community and so designers should assume new social roles towards a sustainable development. On his own practice and teaching he implemented a design process which deals with sustainability and social commitment, searching for simple long-term solutions that could last and fulfil human needs, causing minimum material waste. Some of the design products he developed and implemented during the 60’s are still in use nowadays, fulfilling human actual needs and their simplicity combines with the aesthetic paradigm changes of the XXI century.

Keywords: Sustainable Design, Ergonomics, Daciano da Costa, Educational Design.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100770

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