The Benefits of Developing People to Acquire Competences in Ergonomics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Adriano VarasquinGiles BalbinottiLeandro VieiraNelson Colossi

Abstract: The current macroeconomic environment is highly competitive the search for best practices aimed at producing products and effectively and at lower cost services is a constant search for organizations thus ensuring that all resources are used optimally to maximize profit. To meet these needs the development of people have an important role in the whole process the acquisition or improvement of competences through training streamlining activities developing practices aimed at continuous improvement will help employees improve the quality of work life increasing their performance and productivity. Ergonomics is an applied science to the development of machines systems and tasks in order to provide greater security hygiene and comfort of the general working conditions helping to increase productivity and efficiency of the process and also to improve the quality of life of employees. This case study was conducted in an automotive industry with the aim of analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness in the development of competences related to ergonomics and accident prevention measures. The information reported in this study was obtained in a field survey using questionnaires data analysis and routine documents and observations of the day- to-day company.

Keywords: People Development competences quality products.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001227

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