A Product Design Process to Evaluate Users’ Intrinsic Satisfaction—Designing Center Consoles in Cars

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shu Muraji aTsuneyuki Yamamoto bMasayuki Kurihara bTakashi Suzuki bMiwa Nakanishi a

Abstract: Popular products such as cars, consumer electronics, and electronics have attained a high level of efficiency, usability, and performance. To increase user satisfaction by improving these aspects becomes very difficult. Since the standards of the users are becoming diverse, products that are superior in these aspects are not necessarily accepted, which is seen in the recent trend where users accept some mobile phones. Therefore, the introduction of a more comprehensive evaluation in the design process is necessary to satisfy the users’ intrinsic satisfaction. This study aims to suggest a process to determine a products’ design using intrinsic user satisfaction as indexes. Specifically targeting the center console in cars, this study models the relationship of the users’ intrinsic satisfaction and design elements of a car. In addition, by formulating this relationship, this study establishes a quantitative method to evaluate the users’ intrinsic satisfaction.

Keywords: UX, Product design, Design process

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001229

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