The User-Oriented Integration of a Decision Support System for Tunnel Control – Challenges in Methodic and Design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sebastian SpundflaschHeidi Krömker

Abstract: Developing a decision support system with the goal of a seamless integration into different existing complex system environments is a very challenging task. Especially if these environments are characterized by a high heterogeneity, a high dynamic of the information to be processed by the working operator and the uniqueness of occurring event situation that requires a non-linear task solving processes. Supporting operators in this context means supporting their decisions by providing an appropriate information basis for the quick and easy assessment of risk and event situations. The aim of this paper is to describe the methodical and the design challenges that occur during the individual phases of the development of such a system for the specific context of tunnel control. The results are based on analytical and empirical studies conducted within a research project on integration of a real-time-security-management-system for tunnel control centers. In order to determine the requirements, a methodical mix of interviews, observation and cognitive walkthroughs was performed in 12 tunnel control centers in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. During this, the used methods could be refined and adapted to the development of a decision support system for the present context.

Keywords: Decision Support System, Control Rooms, Human Systems Integration, Design Rules

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001237

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