Comfort Optimization Method for Work Equipment Based on a Digital Hand Model

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Peter GustAydin Ünlü

Abstract: Comfort optimization for work equipment handles frequently fails in practice because of high temporal complexity and high development costs, coupled with the pressure of shorter development times. Handle design also has a strong subjective element rooted in the communication of comfort as sensation. Finally, handle design lacks an objective method to make comfort measurable. This paper presents a new method for achieving comfort optimization of work equipment based on a digital hand model, using the example of an iron bender. After determining significant factors of the work equipment, a so-called work equipment dependent pressure discomfort model (PDT model) is derived. The paper then focuses on practical creation of a finite element method (FEM) hand model. Finally, handle design parameters such as shape, size, material and surface can be derived from the FEM hand model in relation to the PDT model.

Keywords: grip comfort, discomfort model, comfort sensation, pressure pain threshold (PPT), pressure discomfort threshold (PDT), digital hand model, handle design parameters

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001240

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