Worker’s Perception on Ergonomic Workstation Analysis: A Descriptive Study of L-Shaped Desk Usage

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Authors: Cristiane MoriguchiFabiana FoltranJosiane Gonçalves

Abstract: Ergonomic conditions and workers comfort during L-shaped desk usage in an occupational environment has not been extensively studied in the literature. Thus, the objective of this study was to describe how workers have spontaneously positioned their VDUs on L-shaped desks and to analyze related ergonomic aspects of the workstation and the worker’s comfort. Thirteen females and one male VDU worker were observed by a physiotherapist ergonomist during their working time and their comfort was evaluated when using the desk on an 11 point scale. Eight workers positioned the VDU on the concave edge of the desk and seven of them reported high levels of comfort. The main reason for workers positively evaluating this desk was the extra space provided by the desk, which increases the working area in relation to the traditional ones. Workers who evaluated their comfort as lower than 7 (n=6) usually maintained the VDU either on the straight part of the desk or on an intermediate area between the concave and the straight part of the desk (n=5). Observations performed during work revealed the need for environmental, organizational and ergonomic rearrangements of the workstation aiming to prevent musculoskeletal disorders among workers who use L-shaped desks.

Keywords: Musculoskeletal Disorders, Primary Prevention, Furniture Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001218

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