Development of e-Learning System for Network Education and Visualization

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chiaki KawanishiYoshiro Imai

Abstract: Recently, as Internet becomes over ground and most effective for our lives, in higher education, especially information engineering, network and communication are ones of the most important and indispensable subjects for almost all the students to learn in a short period. There are many trials to teach and educate some theoretical and practical understanding of network and communication. In fact, however, network and communication, particularly a viewpoint of Internet, have a very huge scope and include a lot of themes to understand in a relatively short period. So we have developed a limited scope and self-learning oriented facility of application program for e-Learning tool for network/communication study. Our key topics are as follows: Web-based e-Learning tool, Focusing of IP(Internet Protocol), Easy-drawing network topology, Animation of Packet transmission, Illustration of routing mechanism, and so on. We have applied our e-Learning tool into real classroom lectures and had some questionnaires for technical course and beginning course after trial questionnaire for laboratory members. It is confirmed that our e-Learning tool has been significant for learning network/communication based on the above questionnaire.

Keywords: e-Learning tool for network education, Visualization of network topology and IP routing, Evaluation with questionnaire

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001247

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